Huge trade (Gurley, Gordon, Julio, Bell)

Im 5-1 in a 12 team standard league, my team is:
Qb - newton
Rb - gordon, howard, lynch, miller
Wr - Jones, Thielen, Sanders, Kearse and Fitz
Gurley’s owner is also 5-1, and he proposed me some potencial trades, would any of these benefit me?

1- Gordon for Bell, Landry and Lockett ---- i personally hate this one
2 - Melvin Gordon and Julio or Thielen for Todd gurley and robert woods or landry
3 - Gordon and JJ or Thielen for Gurley and Bell

This bell situation is kinda scary to bank on, but if i could get gurley maybe i should think about that. What do you guys think?


I don’t think any really benefit you if I’m honest. I’d rather look to do another deal and get a better RB2 with Lynch looking shaky now in terms of volume and Howard getting worse you need RB depth big time!

If i had to pick one the third one is interesting as you don’t lose anything giving up Gordon to Gurley and it’s longer to Gurley’s bye week so you don’t have that to deal with next week for Gordon and when Bell is back you’d have a nice RB1 and 2 with Gurley and Bell paired with either JJ or Thielen and i prefer Thielen here to be honest so i would do that but I’d rather not pay JJ or Theilen for just Bell if you could get Woods or Landry back with Bell and Gurley for Gordon and either JJ and Thielen that would be more interesting to me…

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  1. Nope
  2. Gordon/Julio - Gurley/Brown. You get the better RB he gets the better WR.
  3. Gordon/JJ - Gurley/Bell. I would do this one.

Gurley and Bell, it would take some serious monkey wrenches most weeks to beat that due then add Thielen in there…looks lethal from where I’m sitting.

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thanks fellas, this big name trades always scare me, im going to keep talking to the gurley owner and see where we go

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would you guys do Thielen for Bell + Woods? Or is it not enough for thielen?

Hmm that is bold and full of risk but reward too. If Bell is out till week 10 and splits time with Conner you will be missing Thielen i think. Woods is a nice enough player and will produce for you for sure in that Rams offense.
My issue is the unknown of Bell and also giving up a lot to get him… Could you get Landry in there as well and hope his matchups allow for decent weeks from here to their bye? At least gives you depth and useable pieces for future trades if needed.

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Im not sure he would give up Landry but he has John brown to trade to. Im considering this one as well Melvin Gordon, Thielen and Lynch for Gurley, Bell and Landry
Made another post so this one doesnt get too confusing