HUGE trade happened in my league! OBJ, NUKE, CMC, MIXON

Standard 12-team league, this trade just happened:
Joe mixon + Odell Beckham Jr + Adrian Peterson
Deandre Hopkins + Christian McCaffrey

Was it fair?

Depends, what do there teams look like?

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Before the trade the teams had these rbs and wrs:
1 - Conner, Michel, Lynch, Kerryon, Peterson, Mixon and Lev bell. OBJ, AB and Tyler lockett

2 - McCaffrey, Miller, Yeldon, Buck allen and James White. Nuke, Golden Tate, Robinson and Hogan.

Team 1 got hopkins and cmc
team 2 got obj, mixon and ap

In a vacuum that’s fair yes. Even without knowing the rest of the rosters swapping two stud WRs and two stud RBs seems fine to me.

Plus AP coming back with a returning from injury Mixon and underperforming OBJ seems to even this out for both teams.


Seems like both teams benefit.

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It’s a very fair trade. Don’t get too caught up in their name value.

“In a vacuum” I think OBJ + AP is what would be required to acquire Nuk. So adding Joe Mixon makes it fair to give up CMC as well. I’m going to assume the former Nuk owner has another great RB or two and just wants more depth.

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I think the team who gets hopkins and CMC wins the trade but still pretty fair IMO

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