Huge Trade! Help Me

Ok so it’s
Michael Thomas
Jordan Howard
Marshawn Lynch

For his


Rest of roster is
Rb- melvgordon, Clement, Drake
Wr- amari cooper, kearse, scantling, coutee.
TE- Vance Macdonald

I know I’m short on receiver depth. But planning on trading for some after this deal
Is done. (Ie. waiting to hear from my offer clement to josh Gordon owner)

Format is .5ppr

Really tough because Lynch and Howard looking like doodoo lately but so has McCoy and Landry but I’d rather have Landry and Gronk then Thomas and Lynch or Thomas and Howard

Im thinking lynch will be done for the season, or this injury is really gonna hurt his ROS

I know that YOU know your thin at receiver, but even so i can’t recommend this trade.

You just don’t have the firepower to afford losing a WR1 in Thomas, and at least so far this season Gronk isn’t the one who’s going to win you games.

Plus, your dumping 2 decent but struggling backs for one who’s on a team that can barely run the ball due to being so far behind every game.

Personally don’t think you should.

I definitely wouldn’t do this. I think Howard is going to start turning around as the weather gets super cold in Chicago and they resort to the Munch-Machine that is Howard. Not the biggest fan of Shadey and I still wanna see more from Landry.

My Qb is desaun Watson right now. Who is battling injuries. And bad o-line. If I can squeeze him iTo giving me cam Newton in this trade, would that help?

If you could get Newton without having to offer much of anything else, than yes it helps.

I play Cam every week despite matchups just because i believe he will finish top 5 by end of season.

set em and forget em.

If i Can offer him clement instead of Jordan Howard would that be a better out come


Would like some more opinions if any one has some…

You’re selling so low on Howard and Lynch, and losing the best player in the trade. This is a hard no.

I also don’t like doing trades I’m not confident about. I want to feel good and excited, not scared and nervous.

I can understand selling low on Howard, I really like him ros. Lynch on the ther hand is done I feel. Maybe for the season. What if it was MT, clement and lynch ? @DonnyBrookes

The difference between Thomas and Landry is so much larger than between Gronk and Vance so far this season, and I just don’t see any value here for you in the other moves.