Huge trade help

Trade: Julio Jones, Goedart, Josh Allen ( I have Kyler Murray also), Chris Carson
Receive: Michael Thomas, David Johnson, Darius Slayon, Cam Newton

i say its a no go for me

Don’t like it. I’d offer up Allen and see what you can get for just him. Thomas is hurt and Brees hasn’t looked great. I do not think DJ will be consistent nor will Slayton. Any WR on ATL right now is gold and Goedart will show up.

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Stay put. I don’t really see the improvement to your team.

Julio for MT (I take Julio)
Carson for DJ (I take Carson)
Allen for Cam (I take Cam, toss up though)
Goedart for Slayton (I guess Goedart)

So in my opinion you lose at all positions here.