Huge trade help!

I’ve attached a screenshot of the trade… standard scoring image

Who is ur current QB and your other recievers?

M. Jones

I think I’d rather just trade Gronk for Engram and Ingram… is that crazy?

Don’t like it!

I’m a huge Pack Fan but I feel Rodgers trade value is so much because of the name. And he’s got a lingering knee issue which ain’t going away and his receiving WR corps is banged up.

I would rather just hold bell for that. Try like the above if your after an RB just gronk

I wouldn’t do it.

I would not do this trade. I like every outgoing player better than every incoming player. And Brees is better than an injured Rodgers right now. Do not even consider doing this trade.

Its a lot of fluff for solid position players, im a no

No thank you I would not do it

He’s agreed to trading Ingram and Engram for Gronk… should I do this?

Really depends on the rest of your roster. I honestly don’t know on that one

I’d rather hold your guys.

Horrible trade. You get a bunch of matchup based starts and trash for 3 studs.

What about Ingram and Engram for Gronk?

I like that trade. I’d take the gronk side.

Do you really need the help at rb?