Huge Trade, is this good?

I have as my rb’s : Gordon, Mixon, DJ, Howard, Ingram, and Kerryon. As my wr’s: antonio Brown, Julio, Keenan allen, and Cooper Kupp.

I got a trade proposal for my Ingram and Kupp for Kamara and Landry. Should I do this?

Ummm…what? haha first of all, is this a 4 man league? haha not to make fun of…jsut wow hell of a team that I don’t think it matters if you do this trade your team is loaded. That being said…regarding the trade…ummmm what? Yeah. I would rather have Kamara than Ingram and Landry than Kupp. So in summary. Congrats on the crazy team and please accept that trade right now.

Thanks for the advice! It’s a 6 team league, so we are all pretty loaded.

The only thing that keeps stopping me is coopers usage and production compared to landrys. I know landry gets lots of targets, but isn’t utilized around the goal line the same as kupp

This is true…but there are more mouths to feed in LA, so Landry will be more consistent, which I think is important because you aren’t usually even using him with those 3 other receivers. Kamara over Ingram is only thing affecting your starting lineup.

Kamara wins

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Take it and run man. Take it and run. That is an absurd buy low on both Kamara and Landry.

Kamara > Ingram
Landry > Kupp

You win by a mile.

the upcoming schedule for Landry is so good, you cant pass on that.