Huge trade offer just came through - his James Conner and Fournette for my McCoy, Philip Lindsey and Allen Robinson. More details enclosed

I have a 3-2 record in a 12-team league that plays 2WR, 2BR and 1FLEX. My other running backs are: Bell, Lynch, Howard, Murray, Foreman, and Clement. My other wide receivers are: Hopkins, Green, and Cole. Should I make the trade?

I 100% take that as the Bell owner. Locks down your RB position even if Bell doesn’t come back after the bye week. Plus you’ll have Fournette come in to help you in the back half of the season and have two locked in RB1s barring injury.

Realistically you are giving back your 4th/5th best RBs and 3rd best WR to lock up your top 2 RB spots going forward. Plus you can grab another WR off waivers to shore up your depth.

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Oh yea I love this trade for you

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