Huge Trade Offer - Should I Take It?

I was just offered Keenan Allen and Dalvin Cook for Tevin Coleman and Nick Chubb.

My other running backs are Alvin Kamara, Matt Breida, Marlon Mack, and Jordan Howard. Jarvis Landry and John Brown are my only receivers.

This is 0.5 PPR.

Should I take it? Thanks FootClan

I would absolutely take this. No reason not to, really

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I’m just worried I’m giving up 2 high end RB2s for a risky injured RB1 and (so far this season) lower end WR2.

Allen did exactly what he has done this season last year. Pretty soon Rivers will remember he has a big time weapon in Allen and he will blow up.

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take it to the bank!

I think it’s a bit of a gamble. I’ll accept you can probably afford to give up Coleman and Chubb, but you’re hoping Cook gets fit and Allen finds some form. I think I would take it, particularly if you’ve got a winning record so far and you don’t need the immediate payoff.

I’m with you, and I’ve got a losing record and my team’s finally looking up so that’s why I’m hesitant. If they were to perform to their potential it’d be a great trade though.