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HUGE Trade Proposal Advice NEEDED


I just got an offer from my friend in a 10 team .5 PPR league

He gives me Aaron Rodgers for Bilal Powell, Luck, and Tyreek Hill.

As it stands right now those three are all on my bench. The rest of my team is:


I have Mixon, CJ Anderson, and DJax on my bench as well. Should I go through with this trade?


I would say its a defo yes for me!


i see nothing wrong with it, given you have the depth. Dalton isn’t terrible, so it depends on how badly you want rogers. if there’s some good waiver options to pick up, by all means do.


I wouldn’t do that trade. Luck will be back by week 2 or 3 and he will be a top 5 pwr rank QB this year. He was 4 last year with a torn labrum. Tyreek Hill and Powell both have big ppr upside for their respective positions. I’d sit still.