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Huge trade ! Thoughts?


How does this look?
I receive
Cam Newton, Landry , Gronk, McCoy
Michael Thomas, Lynch, Clement



Is this for real? If so, jump on it right away


Do that immediately!
Lynch is out for at least a month, so if you can dump him off to another team in a trade do it…
You are definitely winning this trade if it goes through…


Not to mention if Mccoy gets traded from Suckalo


Do you already have an elite QB and TE? If you do, this becomes a lot less attractive to me.


I have desaun Watson as my qb. Little worried about him getting to banged up. I just traded trey Burton for Drake for upside. My te’s now are Vance Mac Donald and Uzomah.




I’d love for more
Opinions on this. Thanks


Who are your RB’s?


Melvin Gordon, Jordan Howard, Clement, Drake, Lynch

The hesitancy with this trade is I’m really lacking wide receiver depth.
MT, cooper, kearse, coutee, MVS.

Was planning to get this trade To go through then trade for another wide receiver straight away with rb trade pieces


Like I know Michael Thomas is probably top 3
In the league receiver. But it’s not like this guy scores a lot of touchdowns. I had him last year and he’s just a solid consistent receiver wth a floor of like 10 points. And will get 20+ points every 3-4 weeks.