Huge week help ! sos sos sos

Need to start 3 out of 5
Julian Edelman
Josh Gordon
Tyler Lockett
Tyler Boyd
Dion Lewis

I’d go Edelman, Lockett and Boyd :call_me_hand:

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Edelman, Lockett, Lewis

Edelman Lockett and Lewis. I love me some Boyd, but that Denver defense has been ugly lately.

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Yeah, I was gonna say go with Lockett, Lewis and Boyd. But… as @Slypher76 mentioned…Denver’s been tough lately. BUT…hey…ya know what…I think I’d still go with Boyd.

Grabbed up DEN myself for ROS after this. If I had Boyd, I think I’d prob play him. BUT…JMO.

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If green plays, boyd has a better chance. But I’m benching him this week.

I’d go Edelman Boyd and Lewis

Why everyone hating on josh Gordon? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Green is likely going to be shutdown within the next 48hrs.
So i play lewis, lockett, and probably edelman over gordon, purely because he’ll get more targets.

Edelman has a safer floor, will probably out target gordon which is better in ppr formats. Gordon can easily go off for 2 65yrd catches. But 4 32 yrd catches will still get OP more points.