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Huge WR Dilemma! Who do I start!?


I have terrible matchups this week for WR … luckily 3-0 but would still like to win since I got laughed at during draft ha! … Crabtree, JJ Nelson, kearse, devante Parker, Pierre garçon, and willie Snead? Who do I go with please?


Parker or garcon. And I lean Parker. Jay cutty showed us he can and will hyper focus Parker. And he went done the field and scored because he did. I’m willing to bet he looks his way a lot more now because he led to points.


agree with BusterD - Parker


Definitely Parker, and I guess Garcon.

as for the second, that is TOUGH. I don’t think you can play Crabtree vs ARI, definitely not Kearse vs Jacksonville, Nelson is having injury problems and is a distant 3rd in targets even when he’s there, and Peyton openly says that Snead may not even see a role yet. That leaves us with Garcon, who will probably see coverage from Patrick Peterson - WOOF.

Best of luck.


parker for sure. Garcon will have a horrific match up with one of the best corners in the NFL Patrick Peterson. Do I need to say more?! If I were to start another I would lean nelson at home vs SF …No question.


Thank you all … was leaning Parker for sure just wish I had a true #1 to go with my lineup ha