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Huge Zeke trade?


In a 10 team standard league I would trade away
Brady, Emmanuel Sanders, and Lynch
Brees, Moncrief, and Zeke.
I have shady as my RB1 and I have McFadden.


Keeper or not?


Nope. Just an open league.


What’s your other RB likE?


I would make that trade. Is McFadden already drafted? And I like the qb upgrade because Brees’ playoff schedule is well, a breeze…Haha, see what I did there?


Shady and I snagged mcfadden


I like it hahaha!!! I have McFadden!


I would do it


I’d do it, McFadden and Shady will be fine until week 8. Playoffs for Saints is Falcons, Jet, Falcons with Jets and 2nd Falcons game at home.


Good point Brees playoff schedule is cake.