Hunkering down in sub-freezing temps here! Preparing for power outages! So may not be able to make contact!

Not looking good here y’all. Please take care if you’re in the path of this deep artic move!!! We in Cen Midwest are expected to not have temps above 6 degrees til TUE aft!!! PLEASE take care my friends!!! We’ve taken precautions to make sure we have all the essentials to get us through the next 3 days!!! Absolutely no reason to have to get out til Tues morn. PLEASE!!!..PLEASE…any of y’all that live in this area…please be safe!!! DON’T BE STUPID!!! IT’S NOT WORTH THE DUMB SHIT!!! Expecting between 30-40 below windchill nights til Tues. Not above 6 degrees daytime temps til Tues!!!