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Hunt, Abdullah, or Hogan FLEX


Full PPR, Who should I play in my flex position?

Hunt going against a tough NE run defense, but will hopefully get a heavy workload.
Abdullah playing a tough Ari D but if they have a weakness it is their run D
Hogan should light it up against KC, however I’m not confident in his usage yet.


Ride with Hunt. Go with the opportunity.


Play hunt he’ll also be in the passing game


Thats what I have right now, just needed some confirmation with my thinking. Thanks


Hunt. Best player getting the most volume. Only thing that could be sketchy is how Andy Reed decides to use him. He’s gonna be playing chess against Bill


hunt all day. hogan wont light it up. chiefs secondary is strong. chiefs defense is strong in general. i like abdullah for sure, but if that turns into a shoot out like it very well could, his value goes down. stafford is still more of a gun slinger than a check down guy.


Guess I should have said Hogan has the potential to light it up, but I don’t trust the whole situation yet. Thanks for the reply.