Hunt and Fournette for Sony Michel and kupp

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Id be giving away hunt and Fournette who may not come back until week 10

I’m 1 and 4 and in desperation mode.

Is this a bad decision or will it help me get back on track

I would probably take it but Im not optimistic about Fournette. You also need to see when cupp will be healthy

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Definitely take the offer. Being 1-4 you have to win now. Fournette could go off when he’s back but if you are out of the playoffs at that point it won’t matter. Michel is locked and loaded as the #1 back and cupp is on one of the best offenses in the league.

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Yeah what these guys have said.
I personally think fournette may be dunskies passed week 10. and even if he does come back, chances are something else will put him on the shelf.

Kupp should be back next week if he misses this week.
do the trade.

Thanks guys, yes I took the trade. Fournette is sooo injury prone, so hard to trust.

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