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Hunt and Gilly for A. Brown or Gronk


G’day all.

I have D. Murray, Abdullah, Hunt and Gillislee as RB’s in a half point 1 RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1 Flex redraft league. My WR’s are A.J. Green, Crabtree, D. Parker and A. Robinson. My TE’s are trash. The owners of A. Brown and Gronk both need RB help. Should I offer Hunt and Gilly as my first offer or lowball with Gilly and Abdullah? I can pick up D. Henry from waivers.

Any thoughts are appreciated.




I wouldn’t trade Hunt, you have locked and loaded RB starters between him and Murray. You have strength at WR so the tradeoff isn’t valuable for you although I would take Brown for Hunt in a straight up trade if not accounting for your roster.

I prefer to stream TEs since the position’s output can be so volatile (just look at Kelce and Gronk last night). Who do you have and who’s on waivers? I do like the idea of selling GIllislee high right now, and would prefer to hold onto Henry than him in this situation.


TE’s are Ebron and Clay. We have deep benches in a 10 team so most people roster 2 TE’s, meaning streaming is not great. Top FA TE’s are Jared Cook, Doyle, Engram. I feel like Gronk has a shrinking cast of receivers (not plaster, I hope) around him and it doesn’t really matter if he gets additional attention.


i dont hate the trade for brown. gilly will be a situational guy. so its pretty much hunt for brown straight up. having brown and green is nasty. but, your depth after the trade at RB is garbage. having henry as your third would suck, because you are handcuffing yourself in the bye week, and it gives you no situational spot starts. you have 2 options, titans run game… or the lions. and im just not diggin that.


I don’t mind your TEs at the moment and would probably rather just stay put. If you really want to, maybe you can trade away Gillislee + Ebron for an upgrade and then pickup Henry. Maybe take a look at James White/Burkhead/Lewis owners’ rosters.


Good point.


Gronk owner is the White owner. He has Witten as a second TE. His RB’s are CJ Anderson, Ingram, White and Forte.

Even though I’m a Pats fan, I don’t like trying to predict the backfield, so Gilly would probably stay on my bench (like he did this week :frowning: ) if I kept him.