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Hunt and McKinnon for Zeke and Bell


Huge trade proposed to me in my 8 team standard scoring league. I’d give up Hunt and McKinnon for Zeke and Bell. I think it’s a steal because of Bell’s guaranteed volume compared to Hunt’s and my rb depth.

My new roster would be

RBs: Bell, Freeman, Shady, Zeke, Duke Johnson
WRs: M Thomas, Dez, D Thomas, Thielem, Funches, Cooper
TEs: Gronk and Brate


Holy molies. Ye take that deal for sure. Even if zeke is suspended you’re sorted for playoffs. And dare I say it surely a lock for the league


The only thing I’m worried about is that I would have both Zeke and Dez on the field


How many WR and RB’s do yall start? If you have 2 RB, 2 WR, and Flex I would just play two receivers and 3 RB’s


2 Wr, 2rb, and a flex


Then I’d do it. You could even try and trade one of those 4 RBs with a receiver and get one of the stud recievers


I would do it for the resale value alone. IMO Bell is better than Hunt and even a suspended Zeke is better than McKinnon given your volume. Moreover, I’m not 100% Zeke is even going to get suspended. Do it!


I traded Shady and Dez and got Antonio Brown in return