Hunt and redzone work

This is getting extremely frustrating, Hunt gets them down the field and he just gets taken out in the redzone. Will he ever see the end zone again this season!?!

He’s not their redzone guy. Most of his TDs he just hustled for big gain. They utilize West and Kelce in the redzone. Got to hope for those big plays.

That’s absolutely not true, he his their red zone guy as much as west is, west is their passing down back. The problem is that he is the guy that has been getting them to the red zone, they can’t keep him on the field all the time


Yah but they aren’t gonna happen now that defenses know to prevent it. Hunt ceiling has com crashing down and he’s good for 10 points every week max it seems.

Well they are certainly not using him in the redzone.

Man, i am playing a guy that has Hill. I NEED HUNT TO GET THE RED ZONE TOUCHES

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I have both so I am looking to both to have great games!

Man hill has been average but of course when i play him the dude scores

But I am playing against Alex Smith, so yes, happy to have Hunt take the touches back…

The way the cheifs are using hunt it seems like he’s a high floor low ceiling guy :confused: