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Hunt and Reed for Gronk and Freeman


What side of this trade do you like more?


Gronk and Freeman
Gronk is well… Gronk enough said besides his injuries but Reed is way worse on that category.
Freeman is amazing and yes he is a downgrade from Hunt BUTTT Freeman playoff schedule for us. 14- Saints, 15- TB, 16- Saints AGAIN. That is way better than Hunts.


i agree… how about fournette and Devante adams for Hunt and someone like D. Parker/Baldwin or Tate


I would keep Fournette and Adams. Parker is up and down same with the rest. I traded away Hunt for Bell. I like Hunt but he can not keep up what he was doing.


I have bell and Hunt at my RB’s but i need a WR. that is why i want to package hunt and get a solid RB and WR for him


Try going after the Zeke owner. I have Bell and Zeke after trading Hunt for Bell. The zeke owner is worried about the suspension, see who his WR are. Or stay tight and play waiver wire. Mike Wallace, Maclin, Goodwin could be out there.


Yea the zeke owner is stacked at WR; Hopkins, Allen, Mike Evans and Hill


Try Hunt, Adams for Zeke and Evans. I like the Zeke side of it. But do know that you will be taking a RB1 for a RB1 with (slight) suspension issues. I find myself every day googling on how the case is going. It is annoying. I would keep who you have man honestly.


Yea that’s where I am struggling… I’m 4-1 but I just feel like my WR are going to tank my season; I have M. Thomas, TY, Baldwin, Tate and D Parker. Baldwin, Tate, and TY have just been either really good or really bad, mostly bad.


Ride that out! I have Green and just traded for TY last week (Looks good so far). Hilton will stay in it cause colts will be down. Keep what you have man you will be crushing it like I am. I had triple the points of my opposition. I also had Wentz lol


Yea ill ride it out. Thanks! good luck to both of us the rest of the season.


brah the freeman owner just offered me exactly what i wanted… He gives Gronk and Freeman and i give up Hunt and Reed


I would do that! Accept it now!