Hunt/Diggs for Kamara

Considering making this offer. A few WRs on the waiver to fill the gap: M Williams, Keke, Callaway, Kirk, Ginn. Full ppr

My other RBs: Hyde, Yeldon, A Jones, Lindsay, KJ
My other WRs: OBJ, Boyd, J Brown

I’d take Kamara on this deal. Ingram is back and will take a few runs away but that just means Kamara can get out there for more passes. I’d get Kamara.

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Kamara. Decent offer but Kamara won’t lose much if anything with Ingram. Saints are weak at WR. It’s Michael Thomas then Kamara. Everyone else is either wide open or a busted play.

I ended up proposing a separate deal to a different person I believe may happen. Offered OBJ and Hyde for Barkley. If he accepts I’ll pickup M Williams, Keke or Callaway off the waivers.