Hunt for AJ Green and Aaron Rogers?

other RBs: bell, ty mont, cohen Wrs: dez, fitz, gin jr., Watkins

half point ppr


Yes buy high.

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Sounds like a great deal. Take it and run!!!

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@tanner_pierce AND @Stu1224 I would be giving up hunt

Yes but you would also be doubling your points each week. They can each make you the same amount of points Hunt can. Your current RB are crazy good. Also if Rogers has off the ball you still score points. MAJOR UPGRADE.

I agree with what has been said so far. Hunt has been incredible - 5 touchdowns in 2 weeks. Thats just not sustainable tho. AJ Green will be fine and they just got the new O coordinator. Rodgers is the same as having a QB and a WR2 in one position. He’ll have multiple 30+ point weeks and would be a major upgrade.

Every trade is team dependent and you can afford to lose him bc of your RB depth and need another good WR.

I’d pull the trigger

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THanks so much for that feedback @JordyWannaRideWitMe Some really great points! Really thanks you