Hunt for Bell (and more...)

I currently have Kareem Hunt, who is my top scorer for my 2-5 team (6th in Points For in a 12-man full PPR league, but 1st in Points Against).
There’s another guy who doesn’t have that great of a record who wants Hunt.
Should I trade Hunt and Marvin Jones for Mark Ingram, Stefon Diggs, and LeVeon Bell?
I know that I need wins, so it’s a big risk trading for Bell who no one knows when he will play. Also, my RB options aren’t too great (Chris Tompson, Buck Allen, Jalen Richard, and Raheem Mostert), so that would mean Ingram would be my RB1…
Of course, there’s the chance that Bell comes back, so I would be able to play him.
I don’t know what to do… help me guys! Thanks!

Sure why not. Your season is about toast anyway right? Stars should line up with that trade.

lol yeah I’m 2-5, but I’m trying to get as many wins as possible to go to the playoffs and have a chance at winning (there’s money on the line). I just don’t know whether taking the risk is or isn’t worth it.

If you need to win and likely win out for the ROS as you do Bell is not an option and certainly not given your RB depth post trade.

What’s the rest of your roster? Hunt is a must keep for you, Ingram is a bad play this week as well so will likely cost you your matchup and at 2-6 you really are out of it. Bell is not back until maybe next week but likely week 10 and wont be getting a full workload straight away and maybe not even ROS. Diggs is a nice piece depending on your WR core but not for that price, he’s a buy low if possible right now

This is my team:
QB: Brady, Winston
RB: Hunt, Chris Thompson, Buck Allen, Jalen Richard, Mostert
WR: Michael Thomas, Kupp, Jones Jr., Funchess, Tre’Quan Smith
TE: Gronk, Uzomah
D/ST: Chicago
K: Zuerlein

The other guy’s team:
QB: Cousins, Wilson
RB: Ingram, Chubb, Bell, McCoy, Yeldon
WR: Diggs, Golden Tate, Jeffery, Edeleman, Woodwin
TE: Howard, Rudolph
D/ST: Jags
K: Fairbairn

How much value do you think he would put in Gronk? I ask because if you can take Gronk and maybe Thompson/Jones Jr and turn that into Howard and either Chubb/Diggs I’d be happier with that. I worry about Gronk ROS and if you can use him to get an every week starter in Howard and another starter using an ancillary piece of your own I’d try hard to do that. It’s a long shot and is low balling but this is using Gronk’s name value and will make your overall team better.

You can then drop Uzomah and grab another option from the wire at RB/WR

Do you think that Gronk, Thompson, Jones Jr, and Buck Allen could work for Bell, Diggs and Howard? (I could maybe switch Diggs with Golden Tate so he views the trade as more equal)
Probably not lol, but I might just try and hope. I would just like to have both Hunt and Bell because of his upside in coming back soon.

If you are desperate to get Bell and he will take that trade for him then go for it, Diggs or Tate as it’s full PPR would be fine but Diggs has a much better ceiling just not quite as safe a floor. But as you have to win most likely all your remaining fixtures i would not buy Bell unless you are getting him rock bottom which this would be and wouldn’t pay any more because you have to have starters that can win you games right now.

Good luck though and hopefully you get this guy to tilt/buy into Gronk’s value, i’d just be very wary of Bell in your situation.

thanks for the advice!

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I think this is a hard pass. Your WR’s are solid and this is not really an upgrade at RB with the new Oakland and SF situations. I think you’ve gotta make a trade happen for another elite WR or RB if possible but If you can’t, I’d totally roll out Mostert and Morris (pick uppable I presume) vs AZ’s run “defense” along with Hunt. That is controversial I know but Breida doesn’t look like he’ll play. Mostert or Morris will score. Probably both. I don’t think there’s anyone else on the team who carries the ball. At 2-5 you need guarantees. I think the two of them vs AZ with Breida out is a 20 point floor.

Such was the case with Ito and Tevin last week, which would’ve worked beautifully for me and been much more than their 24 combined points if not for a weird ass game and a certain 40 yard TD catch for Ito on aHooper false start of all people. Cmon Harvard!

But yeah I’m 2-5 too, and I am doing this owning the whole backfield thing wherever possible from Here out when it’s vs lousy defenses. Morris and Mostert this week along with…maybe Doug. I can’t not get 30 points Amongst themand expect to win. It’s my best shot with least risk. Otherwise I’m banking on them individually. Nobody at Rb is ever a lock except the top 5 guys really. Owning backfields is my ROS strategy for playoff contention with all the injuries happening. I think it makes more sense than expecting Tiday’s NFL to let a guy see the ball enough to score enough for you on his own. Unless it’s Gurley or Saquon, etc. at 2-5 we can’t have a positional dud anymore

I agree! Thanks for the advice!

I had Ito going and was so mad at that false start! Was up 2 points, lost cause I played against Falcon’s kicker who ended up hitting the 50 yarder. Doh!