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Hunt for Elliot?


I get zeke, J Jones and j mixon
Hunt, Montgomery, M Bryant

I have D Murray and D Henry to back him up also D Martin coming back soon.
At Wr I have jordy, Jeffery, M jones, Kenny g
Standard 10 team


Wow, that’s quite the blockbuster. I’d probably lean towards doing this, but there is a real chance it blows up. You’re giving up quality RB depth, which is extremely valuable, and difficult to replace. You’d kind if be putting all your eggs in the Zeke/TN RBs/Martin baskets. That would make me very nervous. I feel good about Martin and Henry, and Zeke is obviously a stud, but neither Martin nor Henry is a guarantee. This could legitimately be a league winner (or loser) for either side.


As much as I love zeke I wouldn’t do it. Montgomery and hunt are worth more than zeke and probably any other back (bell or shady aside).