Hunt for Hill?

I’m looking to boost my team. Would love any advice you can give me. In a 8 team, 4pt QB standard league. I’m looking to trade K. Hunt (Browns) for T. Hill (Chiefs).

My team:

QB: J. Allen, B. Rothlisburger

RB: CMC (back maybe wk 6), M. Sanders, J. Taylor, A. Gibson

WR: K. Golladay, T. McLaurin, AJ Brown, DJ Moore, DJ Chark

TE: G. Kittle

Should I make this trade?

Your trading the commitee with catch potential and red zone work for a guy who can win weeks but where volume isn’t near as much.

Your Wrs aren’t bad! They have been struggling but are high volume with talent. I think you have great depth there. This would depend on how many starts each position gets in your roster?

The Hill owner has Drake as well and was thinking adding DJ Moore in the deal? Do you think this deal is worth it?

I’m 1-2 (maybe 2-2) if Monday’s game finishes my way, trying to bye time so when my injuries return I can gain ground.

I think your deal benefits you. Hill is elite. with the return of CMC it would provide you with a good wr and rb roster of you can get the other person to trade

I would stay away from drake though, I like the chances on Moore better.

He has D.J. from Houston? Does that deal seem better? Hunt and Moore for Hill and D.J.? Your thoughts?

I think that levels it!

I prefer Hunt to Hill at this time.