Hunt for Hopkins and Ajayi

My RB: Hunt, Bell, McCaffrey, Martin and DJ
My WR: M. Thomas, D. Baldwin, G. Tate, TY Hilton and D Parker

Should i do the trade? it interests me… i could play Martin or Ajayi over Hunt and Hopkins, M. Thomas and Baldwin at WR…

bump, help

How many WRs can you start? I wouldn’t trade Hunt, he seems to be the one consistent RB right now. I would keep the Hunt/Bell combo.

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start 3 wr, 2 rb

I wouldn’t. I’d only be trading Hunt for something elite but with your roster you can honestly just sit and ride it out. I know it feels weird not having to make moves but enjoy it.

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I wouldn’t let go of Hunt. Ride out with Bell and Hunt this season. That’s a killer duo

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Hahhaa, yea I traded week one and two to be where I am at right now. I am just lacking a WR I can count on… M. Thomas has shown signs of that the past two weeks. Hopefully he continues…

As much fun as it is to trade, your roster looks good I would not let go of hunt.

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If Luck comes back you’ll have TY back. Your team looks great

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yea i traded for TY lol… hopefully luck comes back soon.