Hunt for mccaffrey

Got offered Hunt for mcaffrey. imdeddiately about to say yes but checking stats make me quiestion. THoughts?

Whats the scoring format? If its a full PPR, I’d say no. If it’s half ppr, it’s closer but I’d probably still roll with CMac. If its standard, I’m taking hunt.

1/2 ppr so very interseting trade just wondering what offense i believ in more. for some reason i dont trust C MAC i dont know why.

The result wasn’t great, but the usage was encouraging. 85% of the snaps played and 10 to 4 in red zone carries. Early on the season, that’s what I’m looking for.

Hunt also had great usage. 70% of snaps, 80% of the teams carries.

Honestly, couldn’t go wrong with either. KC offense does look way better and Hunt is by far and away the clear goal line back there so if you like hunt, wouldn’t fault you for taking the trade at all. It’s a very fair trade.

ya i think this one comes down to who u like more and well no idea haha