Hunt for Sony

Full ppr. Is Sony and Tate/Landry fair offer for Hunt?

are u getting the Sony/Tate side of the deal?

No i’d be getting hunt

This trade is a big no for me, Sony has just as much value as Hunt and Tate is a WR1/2 pretty much every week

No. Tate is a WR1 more often than not. Sony will start getting passes. He’s going to get better. A lot better.

As the resident Sony truther, I would take this trade.

Hunt has a much more secure role, is on an offense that is just as good if not better than pats, is plenty involved in the passing game and is one of the true workhorse 3 down RBs in the NFL. That is extremely valuable.

Tate is a WR2 ROS. He typically busts more than he hits as a WR1. I think he’s overperformed early on the season but I think that as the season progresses, I’d rather own kenny G.

I think you could aim to get a depth piece back though in the deal. Like a cheap WR/RB flier.

Yeah my other WRs are Keenan, Landry, and Kupp. Rbs are Michel, yeldon, Bell, lindsay, clement, ito.

Should i, or could i, instead package michel and another RB for Hunt? The Hunt owner does have Golladay that i just noticed. I’d be the one offering the trade.

I want Hunt though because of his work in the passing game an this being ppr.

You could package someone like yeldon if they’d take it. Not sure if they would though.

Doubt you could get Hunt + Kenny G. I prefer Kenny G to Golden tate anyways so they would be giving up a better WR and a better RB.

Right i meant that i don’t think i could offer Tate being that they have Golladay.

Oh I got you. Yeah that’s right.

Sony and Clement for Hunt?

Any of your other 2nd tier RBs, I would do it. Just a matter of whether or not hunt owner would take it.

Why are u so willing to give up Sony? lets not forget Hunt can have underperforming weeks (or year) I just don’t believe he is worth what you’re trying to give up

Well i think Hunt rarely comes off the field and his floor i think is higher now that he is being used like he should. They hit him on a deep route down the sideline last game… Sony isn’t going to be doing that as long as WHite is around. Hunts bye week is also a week later which gives me a little bit more of a buffer should it take longer for Bell to come to form or be used.