Hunt for Zeke?

I was offered Zeke for Hunt straight up. Is Zeke worth the risk?

Yes. Do it.


Ehhhh idk about this one. Zeke might still have to serve his suspension and idk how I feel about not knowing whats going on with him


That seems extremely unlikely to me, but I could be wrong.


Yeah I agree it could not happen but if it does then giving up hunt wouldnt be good. Plus I like hunt personally

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Of course it wouldn’t. If it doesn’t happen, this could be a league winner. I think Hunt is going to be a good player, but people need to tap the breaks. Half of that 45+ points was on the Pats D being genuinely atrocious on a hand full of plays.


Agreed but I would hate to see him give up Hunt and have zeke still serve the suspension

I think I’m gonna take it, I wanna win this year. I have Hyde and Ajayi to get me to the playoffs if zeke does get suspended.

Oh well now knowing that then I think it’s worth risking it all

I’d take that trade. I’m in a situation where I have both Hunt and Zeke and I’m tempted to trade one away to upgrade my WRs. The greedy part of me wants to keep them both obviously but I also have Freeman and I can only roster two RBs so points are going to be sitting on my bench either way. The struggle is too real.

I’d trade Hunt, but only for a stud. ASK DJ owners how important RB depth is.

Sounds like you should make the trade then

Yeah I’m hoping the 40 points he scored is his ceiling and not his weekly average lol. Just trying to figure out what kind of WR I can target with him.

I’d offer him for AJ Green, Michael Thomas…Those guys didn’t set the world on fire week 1.

i prob wouldnt even blink and accept this trade but when does the trade expire?

If you can wait and see what hunt looks like sunday and then decide that would be optimal.

No chance. Zeke could still lose time. They are offering because they have something to lose. You will have that something to lose if you take on zeke and his issues. Hunt will kick ass all season

Package something where youre gonna trade rape them if you want zeke.

If you’re going after WRs I’d focus on M. Thomas and Julio Jones.

AJ Green could really have a crap year with Andy Dalton…

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I think Hunt is legit too, but i dont think he is a better rb that zeke tbh, and kno one knows if zekes suspension will be upheld. Lets look at it like this:

He takes the trade and zeke plays 16 games.
He gives hunt, who has a hamstring issue (knock on wood) and missed 4-6 week.

If you had to pick who you wanted between zeke and hunt with 8 games of production from each which would you have?

Eh…What’s Dalton finish the year at? QB17? Winston was QB17 last year and we all know how well Evans did. It’s possible for elite WR production from a middle of the road QB.