Hunt & Gage for Lockett and Kerryon

Was just sent a trade proposal from the Barkley owner.

Standard Scoring, 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 Flex Kicker & DEF

I would get Lockett and Kerryon

I have:
Kamara, David Johnoson, Hunt, Connor, and J. Kelly as my RBs currently
D. Adams, Mclaurin, Chark, Cooks, and Gage as my WRs

he has:
Hines, Akers, Kerryon, Mattison as his RB’s
Julio, Theilen, R. Anderson, Lockett, and J. Jefferson as his WRs.

Thoughts? Feel like I should ask for more. he’s in a tough spot with RB’s. I already tried getting Julio but he’s not willing to give him up.