Hunt/Hill for Brown/Martin/Kamara Standard League

Kareem Hunt/Tyreek Hill for Antonio Brown/Doug Martin/Alvin Kamara in a standard league

My Current Team:
WR: Julio, Evans, Hill, Parker, Docston, Juju
RB: Hunt, Crowell, Dion Lewis, R Kelley

Eh, not so sure I would do this. Hunt is basically 1 for 1 with AB. You are getting a little better with your WR core but are going to be significantly weaker at RB position. Martin hasn’t done much since being back. Kamara is a good pick-up but also remember he splits with Ingram. I don’t see you getting better with this trade.

But if Hunt is 1 for 1 with AB wouldn’t Martin/Kamara produce more points than Tyreek/Crowell or any of the other backs?

Hard to say without knowing the format of your league. Standard 1 QB, 2 RB and 2 WR? Flex?

yeah 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, flex, TE, k, def

I think I am with Joey on this one. I like your Julio, Evans, Hill stack. Hunt is an everyweek play as well. So you only have one weak position. Keep stashing RB’s.

It’s just tough to predict if Evans / Kamara will outperform Hill / other player. Hill has been pretty solid so why take the risk on Kamara / Martin when you don’t have to? How deep is the league? Any other RB’s on the wire as Mike suggested?

I wouldn’t part with Hunt for Martin and Kamara. You’re pretty set at WR

I got another trade for Melvin Gordon/Hopkins/Murray for Tyreek/Hunt/Crowell

I don’t think you should trade Hill or Hunt for anyone to be honest. Your team is stacked.