Hunt/Hill for Cooks/Mooney

Even though I’m a footclan member it is blocking me from posting in the footclan forums so I have to post here.

0.5 ppr, I have Cook and was offered this trade. My other RB are DMont and Edmonds. My other wr are Keenan Allen, Dionte Johnson, and Antonio Brown.

I am slightly concerned about how many Vikings players (including Cook) are not getting vaccine and that they will probably end up having to forfeit a game due to an outbreak.


How much of a gambler are you?

Taking the hit from Dalvin Cook to Kareem Hunt is not insignificant–but Kareem opens with a revenge game against KC.

If you’re feeling lucky, you take the deal, and hope Kareem does to them what he did to the Patriots for the Chiefs back on opening night in 2017 (that included 5 receptions, 247 yards from scrimmage and 3 TDs, in case anyone needs a reminder).

Then you turn around and flip Kareem for maybe Zeke, or maybe Barkley is limited in his first game or something–you know, the ol’ (probably mythical) “sell high, buy low” tenet.

Now you’ve traded Cook for Zeke, and Mooney for Tyreek Hill.

I don’t think that’s a good trade for you. Assuming everyone is healthy, you’re going from Dalvin Cook to Kareem Hunt and from Dionte/AB (whoever you bench) to Hill. That’s most likely less points for you week to week.

I’m keeping Cook here.

Cook > Hill and your top-3 at WR will be just fine with those RB.

Neither guy is necessarily an ironman and as great Hill is, Cook simply puts up more points. Dalvin/Johnson will net you more weekly points than Hill/Hunt.

It would require you to make at least one more move to improve your RB situation and I just don’t think the juice is worth the squeeze.

Hold on to the top-3 RB.