Hunt in dynasty

From a dynasty perspective is he worth getting? I mean it really just looked like he shoved a dude who ran into her and knocked her down and shit. I’m not saying it’s okay to hit a girl unprovoked (although I’m kinda sick of girls hitting dudes and shit because they know they won’t get hit back and if the do they’re immediately the victim now matter how bad they provoked it, but that’s for a different place haha) anyways I don’t think this is as bad as the Ray Rice thing. So I’m thinking probably 4-8 week suspension but I mean the could just black ball him. What’re your guys thoughts on him getting resigned next year by another team? Is this worth interest?

Bump cause I’m super curious

Let’s face it. Hunt is Hunt. He’s young and extremely talented. I can’t see him never playing again. I think he most DEFINITELY will be picked up next year. LOL…almost can see KC trying their damndest to try to get him back. (not sure of the NFL rules…so maybe they won’t have the option)

BUT…I think he’s prob smart enough to do his best to avoid throwing a HOF career out the window at this point.

I think I would MOST DEFINITELY stay on top of him for DYNASTY purposes!!!