Hunt is killing me

If he and the Chiefs can’t get it going against the Giants, can I trust them at all going forward?

Don’t get me wrong, 73 yards (or whatever is was exactly) not the worst day in the world. But he clearly doesn’t get the touches anymore that he needs to have big days. He doesn’t seem as involved in the passing game anymore. And I don’t think he’ll ever score another TD the rest of the way (his only chance being if he busts a long one; they don’t use him around the goal line).

I thought during the bye they would realize why they started out the year so good and go back to basics but they didn’t. And against a bad Giants team, with 2 weeks to prepare… this is the result?

Is it time, or at least about time, to give up on Hunt?

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I am hanging on to him the rest of the season for where I got him in the draft. I am also a Kareem Hunt truther so take that into consideration. However, he is a starting RB in the NFL and those are hard to find. You will not get the value you need for him in a redraft league. I am sticking with him because I do think he has a favorable schedule the rest of the season.

I think the volume and talent is still there. I would look for some regression back to the mean for Hunt. I saw something along the lines of Andy Reid teams score by the pass 54% of the time over his career. Chiefs are currently scoring 75% of their TDs through the air. Something has to give…and really, its not like you can bench him in crunch time, right?

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I agree with you both. The talent is definitely there. The schedule is definitely there. And at the end of the day, it would be hard to bench him.

But they don’t use him!

And I’m okay if the TDs go through the air if they go to Hunt but he always comes out on passing downs. Maybe because he’s a rookie and not great at pass blocking, I don’t know. But the Chiefs offense as a whole is very puzzling these days.

But benching him in crunch time might have to be an option if he doesn’t start producing and better alternatives become available.

Agree with everything above. I still love his schedule and upside moving forward. They will hear it from everyone this week and play much better at home so I expect them to feed him and get back to the basics. If they don’t then I’ll be worried.

Definitely keep him. Not Sure if this was mentioned already, but he had about 30 yards total called back on two plays last night. If he gets those, that adds 30+ yards and one reception.

It’s rare to find a guy who’s floor is that of an RB2/high flex and has a ceiling of elite RB1. Don’t trade him away.

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