Hunt: Is this Real?

Not good clan.
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oh jeez… get your Ware’s ready

This is not good at all. I also have Melvin and Fournette. What an idiot. How fast will the NFL move?

No clue. I just traded him away and hopeful this doesn’t effect this week.

Hope you got Ware bruhsssss

Wow… completely changes everything

I just picked up Ware, I’m loaded at RB but the Hunt owner is one of my biggest competitors.


My best friend has hunt. good thing he hadd ware on his bench. called him right when this happened.

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So pick up ware … Ppr but dropped Olsen or Sutton ? And will hunt get suspended this year the NFL prov already saw this in Feb… so they haven’t acted on it

This was originally investiagated by the NFL when it happened, he did not get suspended. He may now that video is out but these things take time and he can appeal which delays things. Unless the suspension is only 4/5 games and is handed out immediately, I would guess the chiefs have him appeal and he gets to play for the next month.

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I agree with @Nmahlman on this one. Highly doubt this gets done this season. For a couple of reasons…

  1. He will appeal just like Zeke did and this will go on for weeks most likely
  2. The NFL, in all it’s hoopla about standing up against this type of thing, saw the excitement of Rams v. KC and would absoultely love for that to be the Super Bowl. When it comes down to it, the NFL cares about itself first. Not saying it is right, but just my opinoin.

Definitely go grab Spencer Ware to be safe, but I think Hunt owners are safe for now.

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He didnt smoke weed so he is ok :+1:

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If you aren’t then hunt owner, keep an eye out for whoever they drop to get ware. If it’s week 13 and your team is relevant you want a deep bench and there are some players that might be worth more than ware.

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I mean I don’t think I would take any of them over Ware. Yes, Hunt could play the rest of the season for sure. But I promise you nobody they drop will have Rb1 upside. Ware does.

Just so happens I own Hunt in both my leagues. Luckily I already had Ware in one and grabbed him in the other 10 minutes ago. :grinning:

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Really depends on your bench, I have a decent bench and would only be able to drop Curtis Samuel who is for sure playing this week and probably a good start, would rather have him as a flex option than a guy who might not even play

If you own hunt you definitely want him, but its the last week in the fantasy season and grabbing guys on speculation could cost you a win

Yeah after looking into this further seems unlikely anything happens to him this year, if ever.

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I picked up Ware everywhere. Folks, the full video is pretty bad. May be not Ray Rice bad but getting there. I would be very very nervous if I owned Hunt.

Not even close to ray rice.

They do have set rules now for domestic violence though. I think 8 game suspension?