Hunt or Bell for top tier WR?

My RBs: Hunt, Bell, CJ Andersen, Doug Martin, Cohen
My WRs: Cooks, Crabtree, Pryor, Maclin, Shepard
Do you trade Hunt or Bell for a Julio Jones or Antonio Brown?

Hunt and bell are gonna net you so many points throughout the season i think those guys, one to one trade with ANYBODY, do not make sense.


I would try and sell CJ or Martin for a WR that is under-performing like TY Hilton. The combo of Hunt and Bell is the type of thing you do not want to move away from.

The only way I would consider trading one of those guys if I got like a Freeman and OBJ for Bell or something like that.


I don’t think you need to trade Bell or Hunt to get a solid WR that would benefit your team. Try to move CJ, Doug, or Cohen. Maybe package two of them. They are great values and could get you a productive WR that would help your team. And you’d be able to keep your stud RBs


No way. Hold your stud RBs. Move your depth RBs.


I might try to trade Anderson for Julio. Julio’s banged up, so his stock is down slightly. I wouldn’t trade Bell or Hunt. Having those two players is equivalent to having 3 or 4 RBs most weeks. Best of luck!

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Can anybody help me with a trade. I’m in a 16 man league standard. I have

I got offered a trade of hill, for Pryor kamara or I can trade hill and buck Allen for kamara and Abdullah

Anderson for Jones would be a huge steal, but you might catch the Jones owner panicking. You never know.

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I almost feel like that would be stealing. Lol.

That is the way I’m trying to go, but other owners haven’t been very receptive yet.

I do the hill/Allen for ameer and Amuara you get two starting RB with more upside and you lose a RB that hasn’t been really efficient on a disappointing ravens offense you lose hill where you look like a need a WR but you can offer up now more for a trade at another WR

Thanks for the advice.

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