Hunt or diggs

Dynasty 0.5ppr 12 man

Current team
RB - Bell, Jones, hunt, guice, K Johnson, I Smith, Murray, ballage, Clement
We - AB, Davis, Moore, Kirk, Sutton, calloway, scantling

Play 2-3 RBS and 3-4 RBS

I can movie hunt for Diggs, zenner and a 2nd Rd pick (zenner doesn’t interest me)

Huge fan of hunts since being a rookie (fantasy wise)


I would do the trade, you are imo a little low in your wr depth. Atleast for now, couple of diamants in the rough.

RB: depth is good enough to take the loss of Hunt. Besides Hunt value is not a high as it was since he is behind chubb.

I agree, there is a lot of unknown with Hunt both on the depth chart and suspension-wise. Diggs is a great, young WR and your RB depth is strong. Also, while Zenner isn’t a big part of the trade, he is the Lion’s RB2 right now, and they seem pretty committed to a rotation. Good insurance for KJ too.

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Agree with both of the above views and points made, i’d move Hunt for Diggs as well.

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Take the trade. As of right now, you have no WR1s. Until Oakland gets a new QB, AB is basically neutered. Diggs is young and still a stud.

Hunt has an 8 game suspension and if in those 8 games, Chubb proves to be just as great as he has been, who knows what hunt’s role will be. Not to mention if he hits one more woman he’s out of the league. Why take that risk?

its the known VS the unknown. this is tough for me, because im a chiefs fan and i want good things for hunt, even if he did make a stupid ass mistake. so i want to believe that because he is an allstar talent, once his suspention is over, and he finds another team (i expect the browns to use him as trade bait to get value out of him) that he will be hunt, take over and have the backfield to himself.

but i dont know that. here is what i do know. i know that diggs is on a team that is going to focus on o line because they invested in a QB and now look kinda dumb because he isnt mobile enough to avoid pressure like what was coming at him. they fix that, get a little more time, diggs value will go up. i know zenner might be a goalline hawk which has sneaky value, and i know a 2nd rounder has some value and might even turn into a good player at RB or WR, but more than likely will turn into a good TE or QB. this is one where you might kick yourself in a years time, but im taking it. because too much can happen in a year. im going for my ship NOW. i always suggest to do the same.