Hunt or Ekeler ROS

Who would you take a shot on for the rest of the season? I have a trade offer where I can have either one of these lumped into it. League is a PPR leage.

At the moment. Ekeler cause you’ve seen him play with Gordon. We don’t know what hunts volume will be and what the real plan is. Rumor he’d be more of a pass catcher in the offense.

That makes a lot of sense. I have been leaning Ekeler. I do like the possibility of Kareem blowing up. Either one I go with will be mostly a bench player that I can plug into a flex based on matchups.

I think they both have about the same chance to blow up with two tds and 50+ yards. But Chubb and Gordon are number 1 backs that should get the more consistent touches. But I think what ekeler did last night is what he’ll continue to do. Have little points till the end of the game and come away with a td or a lot of receptions.