Hunt or Hubbard

Have the #1 waiver priority.

Was going to probably use it on Hubbard but someone dropped Hunt this morning to pick up Sermon.

Who is the better pick up. Will drop Hurts. Team below. Thanks

Russell Wilson


Javonte Williams

A.J Brown

Hunt, duh. He’ll be a viable start all season, while Hubbard is only good for a game or two.

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I agree with the Elf. Even if CMC goes on the short term IR. I mean, the Panthers are working out Duke Johnson Jr. Also, if Chubb gets hurt, Hunt becomes top 10, can’t say that about Hubbard.

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Knowing you get Hunt would you try and trade Mattison to the Cook owner.

He doesn’t have many RB but does have Sutton and M Williams that he might let go.

Or better to hold the RB for now.

If you can get either of those for Mattison, you do it.

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Worse case I will keep him.

I will try both but who would you ask for first.

That is tough, they both look good. Not sure I have a good answer. Williams is in a better offense.

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No dice.

Will keep him for now. Thanks

Grab Hunt for sure. For all the reasons that were listed. Good luck!

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Would you try sending them Mattison and Corey Davis for Williams. Too much ?

I would still drop Hurts for Hunt and would have an extra roster spot.

Hunt rest of season. He’s better player. I hated to trade him off my team today, but the Mattison owner was the Chubb owner and it made sense to go ahead and get him since I have Cook and Coach is talking like he is going to ride him until the wheels fall off, which if that’s the case they will before the end of the season.

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For sure I will grab Hunt off waivers Sunday.

But would you offer the Cook owner Mattison and Davis for M Williams.

He declined Mattison for Williams straight up.

I can just keep Mattison but was looking at the Cook owner to trade with. Thanks

Right now if I’m Cook owner I want some kind of Pivot. You appear deep enough at RB to do that. As long as the waiver piece you pick up is a decent piece like a Sheppard or Pascal type or even a Tim Patrick then I think you won’t lose much there given how bad of shape the Jets offense is in right now.

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Yeah that’s what I was thinking with Davis and the Jets.

Adding Hunt and Williams would still give me 5 Pretty solid RB and WR plus an extra spot to add someone down the road.

He went for it. Thanks