Hunt or Kamara

Would you rather have Hunt or Kamara rest of season, bye weeks aside. 1/2 ppr league


I think Hunt

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I have Kamara so that’s what I’m hoping for

I have both so I hope hunt will continue doing what we have seen the past two weeks, and for kamara I just want him to be leading in touches against the other backs on the saints, maybe a few more catches would be nice

I want to like Kamara more but Hunt is getting the work load. They’re both great but I would go Hunt here.

Hunt for me

Kamara. Always Kamara. Personal opinion of course, Bc the two are crazy similar, but he’s a much harder task for defenses to plan for imo in light of the team as a whole. Also, Saints are gonna come Down to the wire for playoff berth for sure, whereas KC may know its fate by week 13 or something…and rest Hunt a lot as a result. He’s already overutilized. Surprised he has never gotten injured. And Mahomes is a career QB star for sure but he is going to come down to earth when he starts seeing teams for the 2nd time. Less wide open running room for Hunt. Kamara will end with points similar to Gurley without any doubt in my mind. Helps a lot to have Mark Ingram as his change of pace guy, Heismann trophy winner that he is…

Saints get Falcons again, TB maybe twice (at least once), shaky Panthers twice, probably a few other weakling defenses. Kamara is gonna be crucial to every one of these games. It’s why he hasn’t had as much work since Ingram returned.

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