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Hunt? Or Montgomery?


Hey Guys! Just became a member of the Footclan, this site looks really awesome! Anyways I need some help on who to start at RB. I’ve got Bell at my #1 I’ve got Kareem Ice cream or Ty Montgomery. I’ve got Green#1 WR #2 Bryant and Watkins in the flex… with Allen Robinson on the bench… love to know what you guys think. #3 more days! Go Pats!


Get Watkins out of the flex then start both backs.


You think so… That might solve it… I do like Watkins against the Scott Tozlein Colts dohh :raising_hand_man:


Sit Watkins and get both of those guys in there man


Alright guys! Thanks so much for the input


Scott Tolzien doesn’t make the defense harder to run against and easier to pass against lol… the Colts won’t score a point so it’ll be the Todd Gurley show while the Rams walk away with their free win… start the backs…


Yeah that’s a really good point lol I get the Packs game on in my area too! So Go Pack Go!!


Definitely sit Watkins


I gotta start hunt and TY Mont in one league and I don’t feel great about it because if the matchups… but I’m still excited to see these guys in action… just so much upside tied to them this season… love them both this year


2 days we get to see Kareem hunting the NE D! They’ve got a weak front 7 too! I’m a Pats fan but I’ll take 20 lol


Hunt shouldn’t scare you. That Pats can be run on, and he’s a good pass catcher, so game script isn’t an issue.


They’ve got Hightower out also


They can be run on but I just don’t know if well see much scoring… that’s the one thing the Pats D is statistically the best at lol… I’m not necessarily scared tonstart him… I’m just not like stoked about it… I’m a pats fan as well so it kills me to be rooting for Hunt in 3 leagues and Kelce in one on opening night in Foxborough lol


For real man! We should be ashamed of ourselfs… rooting against our boys as they put up banhh numbah 5! Lol. But I agree the scoring makes me nervous


Do I play Bryant over Robinson though?? I could see Lev Bell taking the work load for most of the game


I wouldn’t let scoring factor into the decision all that much. You can’t predict touchdown. You can predict workload, and relative effectiveness (somewhat). I like Hunt week 1. I def get the whole ‘rooting for the enemy’ thing, though. Definitely an annoying phenomenon caused entirely by FFB.


Yeah that’s a good thing to keep in mind. I can see him catching a lot of balls and catching one in the endzone