Hunt owners huddle

I’m in a standard league and like you, I’m a Hunt owner. I need to know your thoughts as mine are growing dark and I’m thinking of trading him. Seems week on week he’s getting worse points.

I’ve been thinking about it too because you can still get top $ for him in a trade.

This was his first game under 10 points against the leagues best run defense. I agree that he hasn’t been getting the same points as earlier in the season but I think he spoiled us as owners. I still think he is a top 3 back rest of season with the Zeke suspension upheld. If you could trade him for Bell or Fournette do that in a heartbeat but other than those two I’m holding.

I also just peaked at his playoff schedule. It’s quite appealing…

As a team probably going to the playoffs at 5-3, in going to hold.

I’d hold him… last few weeks have been against really good D. Playoff schedule is really good except against Denver in the last game…

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Traded Cousins Hunt and D PARKER for Wilson and Fournette yesterday. Feeling better by the second.

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Good trade in my opinion.

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