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Hunt / Perine -- Dynasty


Was offered the following trade in my 12 team PPR dynasty. I’d give up Kareem Hunt. I’d receive Perine and a 2018 4th. I’m leaning toward declining, especially since the other guy has Ware and wants Hunt as a handcuff. But, I thought I’d get advice from the Foot Clan first. First season playing dynasty. Thanks!


Since he’s obviously trying to get his handcuff, ask for a 2nd instead of a 4th. Likely you’ll meet in the middle and the pick will be a 3rd. You might get lucky and have your offer accepted.

Both RB’s have the chance to be their teams top back this year and future years, but you can be in the same position with Perine, and add yourself a decent asset.


I wouldn’t do the trade. Andy Reid has a history of developing 3rd round RB’s into superstars. I think in 2-3 years Hunt will vastly outproduce Perine. Granted, the trade value is equal right now, and they’ll likely have similar production this year, I think Hunt’s future is brighter.


thats a tough one. i have kareem and perine on the same level. i love both of them and their potential for years to come. here is what i do know. i know that the redskins offense as of right now is much better than the chiefs. i know that perine has a much more clear cut starting potential this year. and i know that non of that may matter next year, when it will be the hunt and mahomes show in KC. that is a trade that would keep me up for a while. so my suggestion is to keep hunt, unless he throws a 1st rounder at you too. at least that way im not risking my potential star, for another potential star. im getting even more of a chance for a star next year. it seems greedy, but when its a toss up i always ask for more. otherwise if its me im happy to just keep what i have.