Hunt question

Don’t care about opinions on the situation. He was cut. He’s on the exempt list.

Do I drop him for Damien Williams or some other flex player?

My bench is now DJax, hunt, Engram and kerryon and it’s possible they score zero points in the next couple of weeks.

Options are Elijah Mcguire, David Moore, Damien Williams, st brown

I think Williams is just the handcuff at this stage. I like Moore has a nice schedule to close and could be good as a flex

Should I drop hunt

Is this Redraft or Dynasty?

It’s redraft, I’m not dropping him in dynasty, expecting him back next year but who knows

Drop him for Moore.

What about for like Elijah Mcguire, they play the bills next week and I could use him then. I dropped Engram for Moore in the meantime.

Definitely drop Hunt in a redraft. He’s not coming back this year.

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Hunt may never play another down of professional football again. Matter of fact it will be hard for him to get a job at Mcdonalds

I don’t think you’re right

Hmm I highly doubt it

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I don’t know how you guys think Hunt will play another down in the NFL. Look what happened to Ray Rice, video evidence is overwhelming. Zeke on the other hand had two state cases dropped but the commissioner wanted to prove a point. That being hitting a woman will not be tolerated. I may be wrong but this is a prime example of the commissioner continuing the tone of the no tolerance policy of physical abuse. Hunt is screwed blue and rightfully so

Ray Rice knocked out his fiance cold, unprovoked. Kareem was called the n-word, slapped, and possibly spit on(mixed reports).

Not condoning his behavior but to compare it to Ray Rice is crazy.

Exactly this. Watch the two videos back to back. If you think they are the same caliber you are insane. This video is bad the other one was down right disgusting and left you with a horrible feeling in your stomach.

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There is no comparing how hard a lady gets hit guys. Obviously I was raised on different principles. And yes, Ray Rice got spit in the face and knocked that girl out. Who gives a damn what that lady did? Do you understand we live in a society where aggressively touching a lady will get the book thrown at you? There is no excuse and even comparing the two incidents is ridiculous. Kareem even threw in a hi-karate kick! Call me insane, wrong but I bet he will never play for another NFL team after the commissioner gets done with him. Water bet?


Joe Mixon was punished so much for clocking a young lady on videotape and then allegedly trying to pay for her silence that he slipped a whole round (sarcasm) in the draft. Hunt’s behavior was inexcusable, even if he was provoked but it pales in comparison to what Mixon did. Pair that with the fact that he is a young and elite talent and Hunt will certainly play again in 2019.

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No I will bet you money

“obviously you were raised better”

He will play again. Ray Rice was aging and on his way out. Hunt is in his prime. Someone will pick him up.

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