Hunt ROS football talk

Yo looking to talk about Kareem Hunt. Im worried about him ROS. That offense is looking to only get it done through the air. I know Hunt has been productive and been able to fall into the end zone but I dont think he is going to be able to sustain this ROS. I think he is TD dependent. What are the thoughts on Hunt ROS?

It looks like to me, the get it done through the air early, and then let Hunt run down the clock, take control when the lead is established like tonight.

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Looks to me like Hunt is a beast. He’s still the work horse. He went up against one of the top rush D in Denver (before he got there) and lit them the F up. Finally getting some involvement in pass game. Continues to shed tackles like dandruff and one of the top yards after contact and tackles evaded running backs so far.

He’s a worse horse on a high powered offense that is going to score a lot. he went like 22 for 90 yards against one of the leagues best run D.

As the weather gets colder, they’re also going to need to start relying a bit more on the ground game as well. KC line looks great.

Hunt is a stud. I don’t see it any other way.

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Yeah it may be because Hunt is my number 2 back, but I think he’s been phenomenal and idk why people are complaining about him so much

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Keep Hunt. With his limited use I wouldn’t fret. He will be just fine.