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Hunt trade ends tonight


Should I send this guy drake, Morris, doctson for hunt it will but me short on wr it’s a 16 man league


How is you roster looking with the trade? I would.


I would, your giving up depth guys for a superstar. Hunt when he gets back on track, which I expect following this bye week, is a league winning type running back. Just my opinion and I know it’s roster dependent but with what your receiving for what you’re giving up I would. Just play the waiver wire for a receiver


Yes yes yes yes yes!!! Do it!


Mariota, brisset, juilo, dez, funchess, doctson, gurley, Drake, Morris, Henry, rod smith, Graham, rams steelers what if he wants funchess instead of doctson still do it or ask for like Snead


DO IT yesterday


Well I sent the trade he just traded for cam and sent Crowell, ginn for him which leaves him with with a roster of cam/ Stanton ginn, Lockett, Davis, hurns, Snead, Kelley, hunt, gallman, Olsen, walker, celek. I guess my trade wasn’t good enough but I feel doctson or funchess plus the 2 rb are better than Kelley gallman


With me not getting any trades how does my team look for a playoff roster QB mariota, brisset, gurley, drake, Morris, Henry, Allen, smith, juilo, dez, funchess, doctson, graham, steelers, rams it’s a 16 man league standard so I’m pretty confident in my roster.