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Hunt vs. Kamara ROS?


How do they stack up rest of season? Would you trade Hunt for Kamara?


Hunt isn’t splitting carries, Kamara is. That being said I can’t imagine you lose with either.


Yeah i wouldnt trade hunt straight up for Kamara unless he comes back from The bye and has another mediocre week… ive seen stuff coming out of KC about discontent among the coaching staff with Hunt’s utilization… some of the coaches are completely baffled at the way the offensive scheme is seemingly ignoring arguably their best player… I mean its pretty simple… When Hunt is on the field as a true workhorse like Zeke or Bell… the team looks like an unstoppable offensive juggernaut… when hunt is gettine half the snaps and only a few more carries than tyreek hill… the team looks like (for lack of a better example) the chiefs offense from last year which was laughably bad outside of Kelce down the stretch… im holding on through the bye… if he comes back and were still scratching our head at his usage then ill start to worry… that being said… if you got kamara plus a piece that helps your team I wouldnt complain about it.


I have Kamara and love him. But if someone offered me Hunt for Kamara straight up I wouldn’t even hesitate.