HUNT! What to do?

So, luckily for me, I had Bell and Kamara, and I was able to still win. But, What is going on with the Chiefs Offense. It is frustrating when a normally conservative coach, does not seem to want to run the ball. And why is West taking snaps away from Hunt in the passing game? Hunt doesn’t drop the ball. He had a great catch and run on a post route against NE in week one. But, he has become a paperweight, worthless! I do not want him to lose a Playoff game for me. Just venting a frustration that all Hunt owners have. Thanks for hearing me out.

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I think they threw in west in an attempt to not have the box get stacked which would let the short passing game open up. As a hunt owner this is frustrating and i’m about to panic!

Run the Play against the Pats, where he started in the backfield and ended up on a post against a LB. See link below. Anything to get him in open field against LBs.

The problem is not hunt. Hunt is very talented and would be a top 5 RB this season. However, the chiefs and alex smith for some reason have tried to change their game plan and that has impacted hunt tremendously. I think that the chiefs will eventually go back to hunt and what worked, hopefully in the next few weeks in time for fantasy playoffs.

I Agree 100% it is not Hunt. They stopped using him the way he is meant to be used. Screens and down the field against LBs. Even on the games early in the season, Hunt would struggle to get going Running, he would still manage to get targets in the passing game. Throwing him the ball can help in the Run game. I am frustrated with the coaching. I love Hunt, I just don’t know how he can be started with poor Coaching when Playoffs are about to start.

The good thing is that Hunt was a very late pick so you should have other RB’s you can start until they get their shit together