Hunt worth dropping?

Drafted Kareem Hunt this year as my last pick basically thinking I might be able to put him in the IR slot. Is there anyone else you’d rather have and take a flier on? Darwin Thompson is gone but Mattison is still on the board along with several other young RBs. Not sure of any WRs I should be looking at.
Roster is as follows:
QB: Goff
RB: Bell
WR: Allen
WR: Woods
Flex: Jacobs
DST: Ravens
K: Gostkowski
Bench: Green, D Montgomery, Kirk, Pettis, Hunt, Ballage
IR: Empty

I’d put him on IR if you don’t have anyone else to put there

ESPN leagues don’t allow it otherwise I would. I drafted him u see the impression I could and then found out I couldn’t.

Then yes drop him. He’s a roster clogger til week 10/11!!! :exploding_head: