Hunter Henry for Diggs?

I picked up Henry off Waivers, and the guy who has Dissly is… dismayed.

He’s relatively strong on WRs (Diggs, Juju, Hopkins, Cupp, Allen) - It’s a crazy keeper league.

WR is definitely my weak point (as is the rest of my team, haha). I’ve got… Moore, Gallup, McLaurin, M. Williams, A. Tate, Westbrook, and Goodwin.

Not, sure if its worth losing Henry to get Diggs.

Witten is my bench TE. He always seems to be serviceable…

It benefits you both if both players maintain the workout load the had last week. But Diggs hasn’t shown up yet so it’s tough to say.

How about packaging one of your receivers and Hunter Henry for hopkins or cupp? Allen is super talented but he is so streaky, I personally wouldn’t want him over the other 2.


I like this approach. I’d prefer the TE upgrade over Witten, so keep Henry over Diggs, but package him for Hopkins or Kupp if possible.


exactly, if you’re gonna downgrade TE, you should get a solid upgrade somewhere else, since he is getting a solid upgrade + a useable asset.

He countered with…

Hunter and McCoy for Diggs and C. Thompson/R. Penny.

I’ve got Gordon, Bell, Freeman, Hyde, McCoy in my RB department.

He’s got good guys, but pretty banged up. Conner, Jones, Gurley, Mattison, Penny, Thompson, J. Williams

He laughed at the Henry/McLaurin deal for Kupp. Even though its a keeper league and McLovin’ is a rookie ;).

Who are his other WR’s?